Bliss Farm 

Nestled in a west coast rain forest and surrounded by tall trees, our farm is definitely blissful. Morning chores are slow and methodical and sometimes with a coffee in hand, as the chickens are fed, watered and observed.  The goats are calling for a walk so we open the gate into the lower pasture and meander around the pond and into the forest or up the driveway to graze the roadside bramble.  Oh sure there is the dirty work of cleaning the shelters, weeding the garden, turning the compost  but for now its coffee time and the goats are calling.

If exploring Bliss Farm, herding some friendly goats, collecting fresh eggs, and learning how to make hand rolled pasta from scratch sounds like a perfect day, get in touch with us about our Farm to Fork experiences for 2021.

Covid Protocols in place, let's stay safe folks.